Conditional Texts enable you to add a Text depending on the current Variables/Attributes of the Slave.

Conditional Texts for Textblocks


Conditional Texts for Textblocks

The Conditional Texts are always displayed at the End of the Text.

For example:

"Hinata is cooking

She has fun during cooking. (Fun > 10)

She cooks good. (Cooking > 30)"

To get this you can either add conditional texts in the textblock or via event.

Select the Tab "Conditional Texts".

Here you see:

  • The List which contains all Conditional Texts. (Click on a Conditional Text to edit it)
  • Requirements similar to Before Textblock/Event (Please note that you have to fill out the Name for the Conditional Text)
  • The Text which should be displayed.

If everything worked correctly you should see in the game that another text is added at the end, depending if the requirements are met or not.


You can also use this for the Event if you want a certain text to be shown in all textblocks of the event.